The Sheriff (musicfaninsf) wrote in arihestfans,
The Sheriff

Who wants to go on The Rock Boat?

Hey everyone - a friend I met on the boat last year has to sell her spot - she's not a computer person and so I said I'd post here for her. Here are the details...

I'm Elizabeth and I have to sell my spot on The Rock Boat. :( I am selling it for $570 (what I paid). It will be a 4-person room with 3 other kick ass people. I went last year and had the most AMAZING time, but I am a full-time college student and I just was recently involved in a car wreck and so now I am not able to afford the trip anymore. I would love to hear from someone ASAP if they are interested - I'm not message board savvy, so I'm having my friend post this for me and anyone interested can e-mail me at


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