Margie (margiecb) wrote in arihestfans,

Ari Hest Set Lists

In light of the recent ezboard crash, it crossed my mind that it might be nice to have Ari's set lists maintained somewhere else other than his message board. I'd love to do this, but clearly I'll need some help filling in the gaps with the lost set lists. I know lots of fans keep these; so if you are one of those, please email me or reply here and let me know.

Obviously the shows that were taped and uploaded to or other sites will have the set list, so it's the shows that were not taped/uploaded to the web that I'll need.

If you can be of any help, please email me at or reply to this entry - thanks!

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Isn't that what is for?

Obviously hasn't been updated in awhile... and looks like it isn't going to be, but I suppose you could remedy that :)
I think Steph should take over theasha. Margie, I'll see what I've got.
It's funny you should mention it, Sarita, because I've seriously thought about it. I should email to see if she's found anyone yet.
She hasn't. I just emailed her this evening.
Although, this is morning now and you've probably already emailed her. Hahaha - guess who's been up all night!
Steph, I think the first time I found out that she was looking for someone to take over I thought of you. I think you'd be perfect to do so.
Alrighty, you don't have to go digging though. I just wanted to help get things back together and have a place for set lists, lyrics, etc. I wish I had more computer knowledge. Oh well.
I just found out that I suck at writing set lists. haha. I did write down what he played, just not in what order.

On May 20, 2004 he played: "When Everything Seems Wrong", "Monsters", "Anne Marie", "Caught Up In Your Love", "Big Ben", "Hallelujah", "Fond Fairwell"!, and "Aberdeen".

On May 21, 2004 he played: "When Everything Seems Wrong", "Monsters", "Anne Marie", "Holding On", "Big Ben", "Hallelujah", "Fond Farewell", and "Aberdeen".

On Jan 20,2005 he played: Anne Marie, I've Got You, They're On To Me, One More Hour(Yay!!!), and Fond Farewell(Yay!!!).

On May 27, 2005 he played: WESW of course and "Fond Farewell", "They're On To Me", "Easy Together", "Head For The Hills", "Anne Marie", "Caught Up In Your Love", "A Different Song", "The Upper Hand", "Big Ben", "Fascinate You", "Consistency", "Another Day", "Aberdeen", and "I've Got You".

I hope that helps a little bit. hehe.