Margie (margiecb) wrote in arihestfans,

"spring is drawing near..."

and I'm in the mood to give away music. :)

If you're interested in free - follow these directions:

1. Pick a show from the list below.
2. Post your name.
3. Post your email.
4. Post one of your favorite Ari lyrics and why.
5. Pick another show. :)
6. (This is the most important one) Promise you'll make more copies and pass them on to those less fortunate than us who haven't heard Ari.

We all know how I am with all that B&P business, so forget that - just enjoy the music and pass it on - and that's good enough for me! The shows I'm offering are all more recent shows that include his newer material - because with the new record coming soon, it's all about the new!

I'll open it up until 4/7 - when I go on Spring Break.

M :)

5.26.05 - great duet w/ Aslyn!
7.11.05 - Naomi, fantastic cover of I'm on Fire
7.12.05 - my favorite live version of Strangers Again
11.10.05 - Ari solo!
2.22.06 - every song from the EP!
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